Merlin Entertainments

Service: Scenic Treatment / General Maintenance Painting

We have prepared and painted various pools at thorpe park ranging from 2,000 to 4,000 square metres. Along with other decorative painting and corrosion prevention.

Service: Blast Cleaning & Anti Slip Solutions

Using Belzona polymerics- composite repair materials, we applied new anti slip, non skid coatings to various sets of stairs at Thorpe Park.

Our new coatings will be capable of withstanding footfall circa 1 million per annum.

Service: Corrosion Control

Tidal wave at Thorpe Park, blast cleaning works under way for the take off and landing steelwork subframe, completly re-blasted and coated with a splash zone compound supplied by international paints. The structural column tops were cleaned to ST3 and re-painted using a leighs coating system. This is one of many corrosion control jobs completed throughout the park.
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